We have added this News Page to provide updates on GDB Landscaping’s services, and information about our current events. To better communicate with you, our valued customer, we will be uploading fresh content to this page on a regular basis. This may come in a variety of forms, from handy blog posts about landscaping, to announcements, tips and protocols to help with your summer lawn maintenance efforts. Please follow us, and check back regularly to stay in touch.

Holiday Landscaping Tips

With the holidays just around the corner, plenty of home and business owners are getting into the festive spirit by decorating their property with various different lights, inflatables and more. Holiday decorating can be a fantastic way to spread cheer, but it’s also...

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Why Commercial Snow Removal is Important

With the colder months upon us, and snow on the ground, winter maintenance services are high in demand. The increase in precipitation, ice, and snow build up can present a variety of serious hazards to business owners and patrons. Having regularly scheduled commercial...

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Parking Lot Snow Removal Tips

Winter has officially arrived, and if you’re like many business owners we chat with, you may be wondering what the best way to handle the sudden influx of snow and ice is. As a leading commercial winter services provider, GDB has compiled a few top tips to help you...

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GDB Landscaping: Your Winter Sanding Experts

If you’ve read our previous pieces on snow removal and preparing for winter, you’re probably wondering how you can best handle the challenges that come with operating a business during the winter months. Snow, ice, and increased traffic headed into retail centres...

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Benefits of Regular Commercial Winter Maintenance

Looking to save some time this winter while still keeping your business safe and accessible for patrons? Working with a professional landscaping and snow removal contractor may be your best option. In addition to having a reliable alternative to servicing your...

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How to Get the Perfect Fall Ready Yard

With the back to school and fall seasons quickly settling in, GDB has seen an in an increase in customer inquiries for autumn landscaping services. As a leading service provider in the Edmonton area, we’re happy to answer your questions and to make things a little...

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