​Commercial Property Spring Maintenance

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Spring is on the way! While it may be easy to assume that warmer weather means winter woes are behind us, the reality of the freeze-thaw season is that parking lot and commercial property landscaping and upkeep is more important than ever. Read on to learn how you can help prepare your business for spring […]

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Protecting Your Commercial Property in Winter: Why Early Planning Matters

parking lot snow removal edmonton

With a record 167 days below zero on the books for the winter of 2017-2018 and an average of 48.6 inches of snowfall every year, it’s never too early to prepare your commercial property for the realities of winter in Alberta. GDB is here to ensure that your business is equipped to handle everything mother […]

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Low Maintenance Commercial Landscaping: Adding Value Without the Hassle

Looking to spruce up your commercial property, but are afraid that landscaping will require constant upkeep and cause headaches? We have good news! There are plenty of low maintenance commercial landscaping options available to property owners. Find out how to plan headache-free landscaping that will make your business stand out from the crowd below! Know […]

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Getting Your Commercial Property Fall Ready

Ensuring your commercial property is ready for the transition from summer to fall can seem like a hassle if the job is left to the last minute. While our brains may be stuck in ‘vacation’ mode, the changing of the seasons means it’s time to make a few changes, especially in preparation for the even […]

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Pest Control and Commercial Landscaping

A key, but often neglected, issue in the world of commercial landscaping is pest management. Left unchecked, trees, shrubs, and flower beds may harbor parasite or diseases that have the potential to spread. Checking your plants at least twice per season will help protect your property aesthetically, but also against the need to replace your […]

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