home landscaping edmonton

If you’re patiently awaiting the completion of your new home and are dreaming of getting of your perfect yard, you likely have some questions when it comes to getting started. Ensuring your new build is properly landscaped will save you time, make maintenance easier, and help increase the value of your property over time. We’ve addressed some the basic initial steps in a previous blog, but for those wondering what to target first, here are a few areas to keep in mind.


Completing the surfacing of your new build includes the layout and addition of permanent foundation pieces like your lawn, patios, walkways, and other features. Surfacing will ensure that you have proper spacing for each piece, allowing you to plan out the rest of your yard with ease.


Laying down or seeding your turf is a vital part of any project, particularly in Alberta where the growing season is shorter than other regions. For those wishing to complete this step relatively quickly, combat weed maintenance, and comfortable with a higher initial cost, sodding may be a preferred option. For those with a much larger area to cover, a longer time allotment for grass to grow, or a smaller budget, seeding your lawn can provide a wider selection of grass to choose from. Depending on when your new build is completed (or projected to finish), your landscaper will be able to advise which solution would be best suited to your property.


Trees are an important early addition to your yard due to the time it takes for them to grow. They also require careful consideration, because as they start to grow, their shade will dictate the placement of other plants in the future. Your landscaping team will be able to discern the best places to plant, allowing plenty of space between your house and your foliage.

Getting started on a landscaping plan for your new build doesn’t need to be complicated. With over 45 years of experience and a healthy relationship with many major builders throughout the Edmonton Region, GDB is your first choice for new home landscaping. Contact us today to learn more.