Looking to spruce up your commercial property, but are afraid that landscaping will require constant upkeep and cause headaches? We have good news! There are plenty of low maintenance commercial landscaping options available to property owners. Find out how to plan headache-free landscaping that will make your business stand out from the crowd below!

Know Your Existing Conditions Before You Start Making Changes

Knowing your landscape’s conditions will help you design a plan that best suits your specific layout, climate and budget. Working with a professional landscaper will also help you identify any areas that need to be repaired before any additional renovations can begin.

Narrow Down and Focus on a Few Elements First

Landscaping, more often than not, is a process opposed to an overnight change. While it’s good to have a general idea of all of the changes you would like to make, it’s best to start by prioritizing your projects in order of need and budgetary alignment. From there, we recommend selecting the changes that are most attainable and provide the most benefit first (your landscaper can help you make this decision).

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask About Upkeep

If you have some hesitation going into the process, and you’re not sure about the maintenance requirements of any suggested changes, it’s best to pause and discuss a little more thoroughly with your landscaper. While almost all landscaping elements will require some degree of upkeep, there’s no denying that certain pieces require more work than others. Your allowance for maintenance, both physically and financially should be discussed during the initial planning process and help your contractor decide what materials are best fitted to your needs.

Work with Low-Maintenance Components

As we said above, knowing what you’re able to budge for when it comes to upkeep will help dictate what kinds of changes or additions will work best for you. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your property with easy-to-care-for foliage, paint colours, lawn maintenance, all of which require minimal attendance year-round, and often cost less than their more time-consuming counterparts.

Have a Dedicated Care Plan

While the point of low-maintenance additions is to minimize your work overall, you’ll still need to have a plan in place when it comes to caring for your property. Your landscaper will be able to lay out the best approach to caring for each asset, clearly underlining general maintenance timelines and tips for keeping your property in prime conditions.

Looking to add value and appeal to your commercial property this spring or summer? Contact our team today to learn how we can help!