About Us

GDB Landscaping Ltd. has over 45 years of combined experience in the commercial landscape and snow clearing services in the Edmonton market. Our expertise is providing services to owners, developers and managers that operate large, multi-family properties or commercial centres.

Over the past several years, we have been able to establish positive relationships and contracts with home builders, construction firms and project management companies. We always look forward to meeting with new customers to discuss how GDB can help you with your landscaping and snow maintenance requirements!


To provide fast and reliable service, GDB owns and operates an extensive fleet of both summer and winter maintenance equipment. Our fleet ranges from parking lot sanding trucks, skid steers/Bobcats to wide track lawn cutting machines. We also have a full line of construction equipment.

An important resource for GDB is our people. We maintain a culture of teamwork, fun, and a focus on delivering quality service. We offer training programs on lawn and plant maintenance, for example. In situations where we need a different level of expertise, we will happily turn to outside consultants, such as Certified Arborists to ensure the best results are delivered.

Safety and Quality Control

Site crew member and customer site safety are a top priority for GDB. We maintain and enforce a Pro-active Safety and Quality Control program that includes:

  • Routine Site Hazard and Service Inspections
  • Safety Orientations
  • PPE Compliance
  • Incident Reporting for Both Site Safety and Service Concerns