Have you noticed the sudden influx of yellow all over the city? With rainy days and warmer weather finally here, dandelion season is in full swing. As one of the most resilient weeds for property owners to tackle, dandelions require quick thinking and a dedicated maintenance plan to help keep your lawn looking its best. Learn how you can battle these persistent visitors with GDB’s tips below!

A Weed By Any Other Name

As one of nature’s greatest opportunists, dandelions are a common sight across both commercial and residential properties all over the city. Quick to self-seed and spread, the plants like to make their home in lawns that are damaged, stressed, or left uncared for, and can be difficult to eradicated if left alone for too long.

While certain chemical treatments can help alleviate the problem, eco-conscious owners, or even those wishing to avoid exposing their lawn to harsh compounds, may wish to treat the issue naturally. Helpful non-chemical methods include:

Maintain Your Lawn’s Overall Health

Weeds tend to thrive best in lawns that are left to grow wild and less frequently maintained. Caring for your lawn in such a way that promotes dense, healthy growth will reduce the chance of dandelions being able to spread and take root.

Mow Often

While it won’t get rid of existing weeds, regular mowing can significantly reduce the spread of new plants by eliminating their ability to disperse seeds across your property.

Go For the Root

As with many plants, one of the most efficient way of killing off continued growth is to dig deep in to the soil and remove the entire root of the weed.


An environmentally friendly option for difficult to reach plants, or weeds growing in between cracks in your sidewalk etc is to utilize a small amount of vinegar on the plants to kill them. A word of warning, however: vinegar will kill surrounding plants if used incorrectly, so exercise caution when applying.

Start Fresh

If you’ve recently acquired a new commercial lot, or find that your yard has become heavily over-run without repair, it may be time to consider the application of fresh sod. Professional landscapers can lay down a fresh lawn quickly, giving your yard an instant face lift that’s sure to stand the test of time with proper care!

Want to beat the yellow beast this summer? Contact GDB to learn more about summer yard care today.