The dreaded “W” word is just around the corner…are you ready?

That’s right, after a long (and rainy) summer, our window of warmer days is getting shorter. As much as it may feel far too soon to think about winter, planning ahead can save commercial property owners time, money, and even avoid potential headaches when the snow finally hits. If you haven’t begun to set plans for the winter months you may find yourself facing a messy situation sooner than you expect. Below are a few quick tips to help you prepare for the colder months well in advance.

  1. It’s Never Too Early To Start

As any long term resident of Alberta will know, the transition from fall to winter can be abrupt. If you fail to plan ahead, you can face significant delays when it comes to snow and ice removal, leaving your business inaccessible or dangerous for guests. If you don’t already have a longstanding relationship with a contracting company, it’s best to start making inquiries as soon as possible since most reputable teams will book up well in advance.

2. Winterize Your Sprinklers and Drainage Systems

When it comes to causing damage to your property, one of the main culprits outside of snow and ice build up are irrigation systems that are left unattended to. Be sure to winterize your sprinklers and drainage pipes to help avoid sudden pipe bursts in extreme cold.

3. Prune Your Trees

Overloaded branches can wreak havoc during the winter months, posing a danger to occupants of your space, as well as to the property itself. Fall is one of the best times to make sure that any dead or damaged limbs are removed and cleared before the weather turns.

4. Give Your Yard Some Last Minute Love

Want to make sure you have a nice green lawn come spring? You’ll need to put a little work in before winter hits. Be sure to keep up with regular trims, as well as to aerate and fertilize your yard so it has a chance to absorb the proper nutrients while the snow lingers.

Ready to make sure your commercial property is winter ready? Contact GDB today to learn more.