Gearing up for a few Spring and Summer yard renovations and wondering what kinds of ideas will save you time? Low maintenance residential landscaping can be a great way to enhance your space without adding excessive effort on your part when it comes to upkeep. The team here at GDB Landscaping has over 45 years of combined experience when it comes to making your property look its best. Read our tips below to find out how you can have the yard of your dreams without the headache!

Work with Your Existing Space

It can be tempting to design a significant overhaul that features the latest trends, but your best bet for pain-free maintenance is planning renovations that fit your current layout. It’s also important to understand that low maintenance does not necessarily mean no upkeep. Minimal care is still required to ensure the longevity of your features.

Highlight Transition Areas with A Stone Patio or Pathway

Stone features are a great way to break up awkward transition points and add symmetry to your area. When placed with a solid foundation, stone pathways or patios also reduce the amount of space you’ll need to move, prevent weed growth, and are durable enough to withstand seasonal changes in temperature.

Add Native Perennials to Your Flowerbeds

Perennials give you a chance to add colour and life to your yard without having to worry about constantly replanting and digging up plants at the end of autumn. Hardier than their seasonal counterparts, perennial plants are typically easy to maintain, especially when working with varieties that are native to your location. Columbine, asters, clematis and several types of reed grass are indigenous to the Alberta region and can handle our climate with ease, making care a breeze!

Add Mulch

Mulch is one of the best ways to nourish and decorate your yard. Usually (but not always) composed of organic materials, mulch is used to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and for aesthetic purposes. As an added benefit, mulch is typically inexpensive and doesn’t need to be watered or mowed, making it a fantastic option for homeowners looking to make a quick and simple change.

Looking for help planning your next residential landscaping project? We can help! Contact GDB today to learn more.