With the back to school and fall seasons quickly settling in, GDB has seen an in an increase in customer inquiries for autumn landscaping services. As a leading service provider in the Edmonton area, we’re happy to answer your questions and to make things a little easier, we’ve even compiled a quick list of tips to make sure your home is fall ready.

What are the benefits of caring for your yard during the change of seasons?

Ensuring your lawn is ready for autumn means you’ll see significant benefits in the Spring. Removing dead grass, thatch, and falling leaves will allow your lawn to breathe and absorb moisture, meaning a healthier yard come spring.

Aerate your lawn

Speaking of breathing, aerating your lawn is the next step to ensuring it can receive as many nutrients as possible during the colder months. Applying fertilizer and seeding any dead areas will help your lawn stay healthy through the winter.

Trim branches

If you’re looking for information on the best times to trim your trees, you can read our previous article, but when it comes to fall (and ultimately winter) prep, you’ll want to take care of any damaged or perilously hanging branches. Once the snow hits, they may snap under the added weight, leaving the potential for more harm than good.

Clear your eavestroughs

Dirt, debris, and foliage build up in your eavestroughs can cause significant problems during the winter, as well as during the thawing part of spring. Clearing your drains early on avoids potential headaches and helps with overall longevity.

Make sure your irrigation system is ready for a temperature drop

If your property has a built-in irrigation system, it’s imperative you make sure it’s cold weather ready if you want to avoid potential mishaps. Failing to clear extra moisture can lead to cracks, bursts, and in some scenarios, an unexpected ice rink taking up your yard!

Sound like a lot of work to get fall ready? It doesn’t have to be! Contact GDB Landscaping today to find out how we can help you with all your fall landscaping needs!