Eager to put the chilly weather behind you and get started on your spring landscaping? So are we! Albertan winters can be demanding your landscape, so knowing how to prepare your yard for spring in advance can be a huge advantage. Follow our tips belong to make sure your lawn is ready for the warmer months, and allows you to make the most of the new season!

Aerate and Dethatch

One of the first things you’ll want to tend to is helping your lawn breathe after a long season under the snow. Start off by aerating your lawn and gently removing any thatch build up. This will help let nutrients sink back into the ground and will ensure your lawn looks fresh and healthy. You’ll also want to remove any leftover dead leaves that you may have missed before the first snowfall.

Inspect Your Trees and Shrubs for Signs of Damage

Prune any branches that may have cracked under the weight of snow or ice, and trim back any overgrown portions as well. This helps prevent any danger of falling branches, and helps encourage normal growth as the weather warms.

Seed Any Bare Patches of Grass

Give your lawn ample time to grow back any bald spots by over-seeding any bare areas. You’ll likely want to wait to do this until after your frost warning has passed (more on that later on) to give your seedlings the best chance to take root.

Check the Sharpness of Your Lawnmower and Give Your Lawn a Trim

Dull blades can do a poor job of properly shearing your grass, leaving an uneven cut behind. Save yourself long-term hassles by ensuring your blades are sharp and leave a clean path behind. Then, give your lawn a fresh trip that removes any brittle ends.

Check Frost Dates Before Planting Any Cold Sensitive Plants

It can be hard to determine exactly when we’ll be frost free, it is possible to get an estimate via the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Check out their Freezing Date probability factsheet here. Bear in mind that these are still rough estimates and it’s important to check your up to date forecast before planting your vulnerable flowers, etc.

Need some help getting your home spring ready? GDB can help! We offer a wide variety of seasonal services to help keep your yard in top shape. Contact us today to learn more!