Ensuring your commercial property is ready for the transition from summer to fall can seem like a hassle if the job is left to the last minute. While our brains may be stuck in ‘vacation’ mode, the changing of the seasons means it’s time to make a few changes, especially in preparation for the even colder months (after all, winter is never far behind). Read on to find out a few of GDB Landscaping’s top tips for fall prep.

Tidy your open spaces

If you have any sort of grassy areas, particularly with overhanging foliage, you’ll want to make sure you do your best to prepare your lawn so it looks its best the following year. Remove any dead grass/thatch buildup, fertilize, and aerate your lawn so it can receive the moisture during the winter without rot. It’s also important to make sure you stay on top of clearing leaves and any other kinds of debris.

Clear your roof and gutters

Giving your gutters and roof a good clean before the snow hits reduces your chances of damage in the case of a heavy snowfall, and helps keep your business looking its best for customers. By removing hazards, you not only increase your safety but the overall longevity of your building.

Maintain your entrance area

Similar to the first point, it’s important to make sure that your entrance area, in particular, is clear and easily accessible. This may sound obvious, but the safety risks posed by debris covered in the freezing rain shouldn’t be understated. Keeping a clear entrance sets you up for success when it comes to winter maintenance as well.

Identify the areas that are likely to receive the most snowfall and plan an easy path for removal

Just like you wouldn’t want autumn debris hindering your clients from accessing your business, knowing what areas of your property will have the most snow build up allows you to plan and create a safe, easy route for disposal. This also allows you to identify areas that will need sanding and a little more attention once temperatures drop.

Following these tips will help your business get fall ready. To Learn how GDB can help you with all your landscaping needs, please contact us today.