Commercial Property Summer Maintenance

Perfectly kept lawns, stunning flowers and lush greenery; your landscaping gives potential customers and clients their first impression of your business. With summer just around the corner, lawn care and upkeep is more important than ever. The right maintenance plan help ensure your property looks appealing, as well as stays easily accessible for visitors. Learn how you can keep your business looking its best all summer long with our quick tips below!

Start With the Lawn

One of the most important aspects of commercial maintenance is lawn care. Nothing is less appealing than a yard riddled with dead patches, overrun with weeds, or overgrown (which can also lead to an influx of insect visitors around your property). Make sure you have a plan in place that makes it easy to stay on top of grass trimming, reseeding, thatch removal weed care and more. Partnering with a local contractor can save you considerable time, even if your yard is small, and can often help you incorporate all of your landscaping needs into a singular package.

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Tend To Plants, Shrubbery, and Trees

In addition to creating a pleasing aesthetic, caring for your greenery makes sure your business is easy to access and at less risk for costly accidents in the event of summer storms, etc. Make sure your flowerbeds are kept neat and presentable, and that shrubs and trees are routinely cut back by a professional to prevent overgrowth.

Do you know if your trees are healthy? Prevent unnecessary risks by talking with a contractor now.

Inspect Your Irrigation System

Whether your irrigation system is relatively new or has been on the property for several years, regular inspection is vital to protecting against sudden leaks or bursts. Partnering with a qualified landscaper will make it easy to identify any problem spots, as well as allow you to set up an easy to maintain watering schedule.

Develop A Plan Specific To Your Property

While there are plenty of general tips to follow where commercial summer maintenance is concerned, developing a plan that’s designed to handle the unique needs of your property is the best way to get the value for your investment. Working with your trusted landscaper will help you to identify the best course of action for your yard, greenery, and more.

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