Do you have a winter maintenance plan in place for your commercial property?

From managing sidewalks to parking lots and more, upholding the safety and of your business can be a challenge during the winter months. Snow, ice, sleet and all of the other “features” that come with colder weather can pose risks to staff and customers, as well as affect your revenue if left untreated. Learn more about the importance of commercial sanding and winter maintenance, as well as GDB’s services below.

Avoid Headaches, Keep Your Property Safe

As any seasoned Albertan will tell you, the winter months can pose some of the toughest challenges to any property. Jack Frost often comes in faster than expected, leaving both residential and commercial property owners scrambling to play catch up. While slippery sidewalks at home can pose a significant risk, the danger presented to commercial lots is amplified by the increased number of guests, regular occupants, and general public traffic. This makes having a plan extremely important for everyone’s well being, as well as maintaining the overall condition of your lot.

Building A Maintenance Plan

Generally speaking, there are two main areas to consider when it comes to caring for your commercial property during the winter: snow removal and parking lot sanding.

Snow removal plays an integral role in keeping your business accessible and free from hazards that can lead to dangerous slips and falls. Sidewalks, parking lots, walking areas and other spaces that may effect drainage should be routinely cleared for optimal safety. Failure to do so increases your chance of mishaps occurring, including falls, damage to the building itself from snow build up, as well as receiving fines from the City of Edmonton.

Parking lot sanding will help ensure your customers, as well as other commuters, are able to safely navigate your lot without the risk of skidding or losing traction while walking. Sanding is extremely important when it comes to reducing your chances for liability suits, as well as a vast umbrella of other issues that can arise.

Plan Ahead Or Plan To Fail

If you’re wondering when you should start planning for winter, the truth is, it’s never too early to get ahead. Doing so can save you time and money in the long run, and helps guarantee you’re covered when Jack Frost comes to town.

Don’t get caught by the sudden change in weather and put your business at risk. Contact GDB Landscaping to learn how we can help you build a customized maintenance plan today!