GDB Landscaping is a leading full-service commercial landscaping providers throughout the Edmonton area. With year-round availability, a dedication to offering superior products and exceptional value, GDB is your first choice when it comes to maintaining your commercial property. Learn more about our services for industrial clients below.

Keep Your Property Looking Its Best

Regular upkeep and care of your industrial lot plays an important role in maintaining the overall quality and accessibility of your property. From snow removal and sanding during the winter months to weeding and repair during the warmer seasons, partnering with an experienced contractor can help you avoid costly mishaps and premature wear and tear to your lot.

What Does Industrial Landscaping Cover?

Like most commercial spaces, industrial areas are faced with two main objectives when it comes to landscaping:

  1. Keeping the property safe and easy to access year-round.

2. Maintaining a well-groomed appearance from season to season and tending to any damaged/worn spots quickly.

While this may look different from property to property, common areas that are tended to include:

  • Pruning of trees and shrubbery, especially after heavy snow or rainfall.
  • Routine weeding of the lot.
  • Mowing and general lawn care, including fertilizing as needed.
  • Care and replacement of plants and greenery.
  • Snow removal.
  • Parking lot sanding, and more.

A Note On Hardscaping

If your industrial property is older and in needing of sprucing up, adding hardscape elements can help revitalize your space, as well improve the overall function and design of your area. Hardscaping refers to any man-made features used in landscape architecture, and can includes features such as walkways, walls, rock beds, and more. The right features will seamlessly blend into your current environment, and, when planned carefully, can be used as a way to reduce your overall maintenance needs without sacrificing visual appeal.

Don’t Neglect Industrial Lots

Despite the fact that many industrial complexes may not see as much foot traffic as some of their commercial counterparts, regular upkeep is still a valuable investment for owners. Having a plan in place can help protect you against liability claims from slips and falls, and help you make the right first impression for your visitors.

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