With the scorching summer lingering for a few more weeks, it may seem a tad early to begin thinking of fall and preparing your property for the cooler months. With the change of the seasons soon to be upon us, it’s time to shift your focus from summer yard care to proper fall maintenance. Luckily, with a little pre-planning, you can ensure your yard is ready in no time! Follow our top tips below to make sure your property is ready for the Summer to Fall jump!

Check For Any Property Damage

Spring and Summer weather can be just as tough on your property as the winter months. Rain, hail, heavy winds, and extreme heat can pose challenges to your eaves troughs, siding, plants, and trees. Before you plan any major fall renovations, it’s best to take stock of your yard to identify any areas that need to be tended to before the temperatures drop.

Stay on Top of Debris and Foliage

As mentioned above, a key aspect of fall prep is clearing away and debris from your yard. Trim any trees that may have overgrown, remove any broken branches, and stay on top of falling leaves once the final shift to autumn has begun.

Take Stock of Your Greenery

As the weather begins to cool, certain types of trees and shrubs will require pruning and preventive maintenance. Bringing a contractor in to properly tend to your foliage, as well as prepare your lawn for the cooler months will put you leaps ahead the following spring.

Plant New Shrubbery and Bulbs

That’s right! Spring isn’t the only time to get digging! Certain types of shrubs and perennials can be planted in the late summer or early fall. Enjoy the fruits of your labour when the weather warms up, and keep your yard looking fresh year-round.

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