With a record 167 days below zero on the books for the winter of 2017-2018 and an average of 48.6 inches of snowfall every year, it’s never too early to prepare your commercial property for the realities of winter in Alberta. GDB is here to ensure that your business is equipped to handle everything mother nature has to offer, including winter maintenance packages that keep your property safe through the colder months. Follow our tips below to help make sure your commercial space is cold weather ready!

Start Early

The number one tip for preparing to battle the challenges caused by snow and lower temperatures is to plan ahead. Winters in Alberta can be unpredictable, and rarely arrive (or leave) when expected. Failure to prepare can lead to numerous costly endeavours and put your clientele at risk of dangerous slips and falls. Simply put, the earlier you have a plan in place, the better.

Inspect Your Property

Doing a regular sweep of your commercial space is one of the best ways to prepare your property to transition from season to season. It’s not uncommon for the elements to leave small traces of damage that can turn into a big challenge once the weather shifts, so doing a careful walk through will help you ensure that you have time to make and necessary repairs and accommodations before the snow hits.

Not sure of what problem spots to keep an eye out for? Contact our team to learn how we can help!

It’s Not Just About Snow Removal

While snow removal is probably the easiest factor for most business owners to remember to address, proper winter care extends far beyond clearing away excess precipitation. Tending to icy walkways, sanding your parking lot(s), are among a few of the other key elements to keeping your area safe for visitors. Your winter maintenance plan should provide comprehensive that help you conquer the elements with ease.

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