​ As a business owner, there’s no shortage of things to stay on top of to keep your company in top shape. Building a customer base and running your daily operations can be time consuming, so it’s no surprise that one area of the business often goes neglected: your landscape.

Maintaining your commercial development’s landscaping is crucial to ensuring the safety, accessibility, and overall aesthetic of your property. A carefully groomed exterior leaves the right first impression for customers and can help sustain the value of your space. At GDB Landscaping, we’re proud to partner with businesses throughout Edmonton and help meet the various needs of their space. Learn more about some of the common areas covered by commercial landscaping below.

Immaculate Lawn Care

A well maintained lawn is a key to helping your property look its best. Partnering with an experienced contractor makes it easy to stay on top of trimming grass, removing dead patches, fertilizing, weeding and more, giving you the time to focus on growing your business.

Plants and Trees

Without the proper care, your property’s greenery can quickly become overgrown and even pose a hazard to both your building and guests. Having a dedicated plan to tend to plants, shrubs and trees will prevent unsightly foliage and ensure that any branches or limbs are trimmed before they have a chance to pose a risk to your clientele.

Seasonal Maintenance

Snow removal, parking lot sanding, and other seasonally related upkeep doesn’t have to be a hassle. Partnering with a commercial contractor means you can rest easy when the weather changes and know that your property is in good hands.

Hardscaping Refreshes

Man-made features like walkways, patios, rock beds, and other stylist elements can enhance the appearance of your space and create a welcoming environment for visitors. Whether you need a refresh of existing features, or would like to add something new, our team is happy to help!

General Upkeep

Sudden weather changes can wreak havoc on your landscape, but with a dedicated plan in place, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your property looking its best.

Are you ready to help your commercial lot put its best foot forward? Contact GDB Landscaping to learn more about commercial landscape maintenance today!